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Capital punishment on Maldives’ horizon: home minister

Fathmath Shaahunaz
02 August 2017, MVT 10:24
Home Minister Azleen Ahmed speaks at press conference. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED/MIHAARU
Fathmath Shaahunaz
02 August 2017, MVT 10:24

Capital punishment will be executed in the Maldives “in a few days’ time”, declared Minister of Home Affairs Azleen Ahmed on Tuesday.

The minister refrained from stating a specific date to implement the death penalty. He said that the nature of capital punishment, which is being implemented in the Maldives again after six decades, along with all preparations and technicalities necessary for its execution make it difficult for the government to announce a date just yet.

Vowing that preparations are underway post-haste, Minister Azleen noted that certain procedures must be completed to execute capital punishment. He also highlighted that implementing the death penalty is mandatory under Islamic law and falls under the responsibility of the ruler.

“This is not being done because it’s something simple to do for the president or the government,” said the home minister as he stressed the importance of bringing murderers to justice.

“We don’t know who else a murderer would kill next.”

Minister Azleen also responded to concerns raised over bringing back capital punishment, retorting that most people seem to forget about the rights of the victims in murder cases. He wryly questioned who would ensure the victims their rights.

“People feel distress for the person who is killed at that time. But when we speak of ensuring [the victims]’ rights by executing death penalty, we see everyone suddenly against it. But we believe that the people are in favour of [capital punishment].”

Currently, only three convicts on death row have completed their appeal trials. They are Hussain Humam, convicted of murdering Dr Afrasheem Ali, Mohamed Nabeel, convicted of killing Abdulla Farhad, and Ahmed Murrath who is found guilty of murdering Ahmed Najeeb.