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Law firm, two lawmakers to intervene in top court constitutional case

Fathmath Shaahunaz
13 July 2017, MVT 15:24
Maumoon Hameed, lawyer and a shareholder of law firm Premier Chambers.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
13 July 2017, MVT 15:24

A local law firm and two lawmakers have filed to intervene in the constitutional case submitted by the government to Supreme Court to oust lawmakers from their parliament seats should they resign from their political parties or shift to another party.

Premier Chambers company, which is operated by lawyers Maumoon Hameed and Shaheen Hameed, two nephews of President Abdulla Yameen, filed to intervene the case at the top court on Thursday. Meanwhile, the lawmakers of Kendhoo constituency, Ali Hussain, and Makunudhoo constituency, Anara Naeem, filed to intervene earlier this week.

The law firm also filed at the Supreme Court on Wednesday seeking to halt the constitutional case, which was submitted as an ex parte motion on behalf of the government by Attorney General Mohamed Anil. Premier Chambers in their case also requested the court to rule that Anil’s position as Attorney General is negated as he had previously acted against two verdicts issued by the Supreme Court, thus compromising his authority.

It remains unclear whether the Supreme Court has accepted Premier Chamber’s case yet.

Meanwhile, the court held its first hearing on the constitutional case last Monday. The Judges Bench neither announced a date for the next meeting nor disclosed whether there will be another hearing or cut to verdict announcement.