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UK grants Nasheed's adviser entry despite travel ban

Aishath Mihna Nasih
22 June 2017, MVT 14:42
Former lawmaker of Kaashidhoo constituency and owner of Yacht Tours Abdulla Jabir. PHOTO:PARLIAMENT
Aishath Mihna Nasih
22 June 2017, MVT 14:42

Former President Mohamed Nasheed’s adviser and chairman of Yacht Tours Abdulla Jabir has been allowed to enter the United Kingdom despite the travel ban imposed on him by the government of the Maldives.

Jabir was informed that his passport has been cancelled last Tuesday when he went to the UK after a stay in Italy.

According to Jabir’s wife Dhiyana Saeed, he was allowed to enter London after waiting at Gatwick Airport for 15 hours. She added that there is no reasonable cause to cancel Jabir’s passport and accused that the government only means to put pressure on him.

Dhiyana went on to say that Jabir is only accused of helping the opposition, but if he is to be accused of any offences, he must be informed of it. Criticizing President Abdulla Yameen, she declared that the president is acting as he pleases without paying heed to Constitution and its laws.

Responding to the search warrant issued for Jabir, Dhiyana said that the government already knows their address in Colombo as it has been almost three years since the family shifted to Sri Lanka.

Jabir has been throwing heavy criticisms at the government lately. Many have accused him of funding for the impeachment of Parliament Speaker Abdulla Maseeh. However, Jabir has denied the accusations.

Meanwhile, the state has taken back the islands of Beenafushi and Kandaali Finolhu from Yacht Tours, a decision favored by the Civil Court.