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Medical checkups for ages 19 and above available through Aasandha

Individuals between the ages of 19 to 39 can now undergo medical checkups twice a year from government hospitals and medical centres under the Aasandha health insurance scheme beginning this month.

Malika Shahid
10 July 2024, MVT 10:34
Dharumavantha Hospital / IGMH / Health
Malika Shahid
10 July 2024, MVT 10:34

People aged 19 to 39 will now have the opportunity to undergo medical check-ups twice a year under Aasandha, the national social health insurance scheme.

According to the government's Week 14 roadmap, these medical check-ups will be available at government hospitals starting this July.

Previously, Aasandha offered medical check-ups only to individuals over 50 years old. In April, this service was extended to those over 35. Additionally, Aasandha facilitated screenings for children under 18 through government hospitals.

National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) CEO Heena Waleed said that despite an increase in serious illnesses among young people, medical check-ups are not being taken seriously. She emphasized that providing free check-ups empowers people to get tested and is crucial for precautionary health measures.

However, NSPA reported that responses to medical check-up initiatives have been less than favorable.

Under the 'Policy on Provision of Additional Services Under Husnuvaa Aasandha,' medical check-up services will be provided through packages specified by the Aasandha Company for different age groups, available once a year for each person in that group.

Individuals who have a doctor's recommendation after a medical check-up can have a second check-up within the same year. As a rule, medical check-ups under Aasandha can only be conducted at government hospitals or health centers."

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