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Hisan nominated to be appointed as MDP's Vice President

MDP's president Abdulla Shahid nominated Hisan Hussain, the party's legal director, as the new vice president of the party, which is to be approved by its national assembly.

Ameera Osmanagic
08 July 2024, MVT 15:58
Former MP of Thulhaadhoo constituency Hisaan Hussain --
Ameera Osmanagic
08 July 2024, MVT 15:58

Opposition party Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s president Abdulla Shahid has nominated former MP of Thulhaadhoo constituency Hisan Hussain to be appointed as vice president of the party.

In a post published on X (formerly Twitter), Shahid said that he has proposed the appointment of Hisan, the long-serving legal director of the party, as its vice president to the National Assembly for approval.

"Considering the many sincere services Hisan has rendered to this party and its members, I think she is the most suitable person for this post," Shahid said, adding that MDP's leadership currently lacks female representation and that he took this into consideration when making a decision.

The party's previous vice president was Mohamed Shifaz (Shippe), who left the party to join the Democrats. Since then, the position has been vacant.

Hisan, who previously served on the parliament's judiciary committee and as the president of the Judicial Service Commission took to twitter to accept the nomination.

"I am grateful for the nomination by @MDPSecretariat Raees [president] @abdulla_shahid. It is with deep honor that I accept this nomination, and I pledge to continue serving the Party with sincerity and unwavering dedication. I kindly ask for the approval and support of all members of MDP GM," she said.

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