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Councils instructed to halt non-essential trips, ceremonies, sporting events to reduce state expenses

Malika Shahid
04 July 2024, MVT 15:33
Minister of Cities, Local Government, and Public Works, Adam Shareef: Councils have been instructed to implement special measures to reduce expenses
Malika Shahid
04 July 2024, MVT 15:33

Councils have been instructed by the government to suspend trips, ceremonies, and sports events temporarily in order to reduce state expenditure.

Minister of Cities, Local Government, and Public Works, Adam Shareef, issued a directive to City Councils, Atoll Councils, and Island Councils on Wednesday, outlining measures that the government intends to implement to address the economic challenges stemming from the country's high state debts.

Therefore, special priority should be given to reducing recurrent or operating expenses of the Councils, the letter detailed.

Councils have been instructed to strictly limit their expenses to necessary. The directive includes:

- Avoiding unnecessary overseas trips

- Only holding essential ceremonies relevant to the occasion

- Temporarily suspending ceremonies and sports events

- Conducting online meetings with central government agencies instead of traveling to the capital, Male'

"I thank the councils for their cooperation and efforts in reducing recurrent expenditure and addressing state debts," the letter read.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Ahmed Nazim noted concerns that despite these directives, some Atoll Councils continue to undertake unnecessary trips to destinations like Dubai, Turkey, and Bangkok.

Given the current economic situation in the Maldives, the government has decided on several measures to reduce public expenditure. This includes reducing the number of political positions and minimizing the costs associated with ceremonies held on various occasions.