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Aasandha services discontinued for Manipal Hospital due to expensive medical fees

Aasandha insurance services has been discontinued for Manipal hospital located in India due the hospital's exorbitant prices for treatments. Although deliberations are underway to reduce prices, it remains unclear whether the insurance service will continue.

Aishath Shuba Solih
04 July 2024, MVT 10:35
Manipal Hospital.
Aishath Shuba Solih
04 July 2024, MVT 10:35

Aasandha Insurance services has been discontinued for Manipal Hospital located in the Indian Capital, New Delhi due their exorbitant rates for medical treatments.

Heena Waleed, CEO of the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) which manages all health insurance schemes of the State stated that Aasandha services has been discontinued for Manipal Hospital last Monday due to their costly medical fees and added that deliberations are currently ongoing to reduce the prices.

However, it remains unclear whether the services will resume at the hospital following these deliberations.

Heena said that agency has been receiving many complaints concerning high prices charged at the hospital for medical treatments in addition to the amount covered under the Aasandha insurance.

Existing patients at the Manipal Hospital can continue their treatments until a decision on the matter is reached, said Heena, although new patients seeking treatments at the hospital will be unable to access the insurance service.

"People going to Manipal Hospital for follow-up cases can still receive Aasandha. A new case won't be sent," explained Heena.

'Husnuvaa Aasandha' [Limitless Aasandha] is a universal social health insurance scheme introduced in 2014 in an effort to provide all Maldivian natives with healthcare without a cap on charges covered. The scheme empanels 57 hospitals overseas of which 8 are located in Sri Lanka and the rest in India. Among the 49 Indian hospitals included in the scheme, Manipal Hospital remains the most expensive healthcare facility.

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