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There are concerning details in the State's legislative agenda: MDP Parliamentary Group

MDP has expressed concerns over the State's legislative agenda, stating that laws not properly initiated are being proposed amendments for. The party assured that all concerns pertaining to the agenda will be addressed despite their low parliamentary numbers.

Aishath Shuba Solih
23 June 2024, MVT 18:05
The press conference held by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s Parliamentary Group today. - Photo: People's Majlis
Aishath Shuba Solih
23 June 2024, MVT 18:05

Parliamentary Group of the opposition, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has stated today that there are several concerning details in the legislative agenda compiled by the administration.

The Attorney General's Office has determined to propose over 200 bills to the People's Majlis, inclusive of amendments to the constitution and existing regulations.

Parliamentarian of the Kendhoo Constituency, Mauroof Zakir stated during a press conference held by MDP today that the government intends to propose amendments to some regulations that have not yet been properly implemented.

"There are some regulations that the government plans to propose amendments to before proper implementation has even begun. How is it possible to identify problems in a regulation before proper implementation?" said Mauroof.

He emphasized that there are multiple such concerns in the government's legislative agenda and assured that these concerns are being thoroughly reviewed.

Mauroof further ensured that the opposition will expend all possible efforts to address concerns pertaining to these bills although the party only has a total of 12 parliamentarians in this 20th People's Majlis.

The government's current agenda consists of bills proposing 78 new laws and 135 amendments to existing regulations. This includes 15 bills related to the constitution and legal affairs, 22 bills on ending crime and corruption, 15 bills related to national safety and foreign affairs as well as 20 bills concerning the community and families.

Moreover, 22 bills on financial procedures, 11 bills on health, 11 bills related to infrastructural development and 22 bills concerning businesses and the economy are also incorporated into the agenda. Another 8 bills on transportation and communication, 9 bills on administration of State, 9 bills concerning the environment, 8 bills related to freedom and rights and 7 bills related to education are also integrated into the agenda.

The administration has also decided to propose repealing 26 laws, citing them unconstitutional.

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