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All Maldivian pilgrims at Arafat, in good health: Minister Shaheem

Islamic Minister Shaheem stated that all Maldivian Hajj pilgrims remain in good condition as known thus far and that all are converged at Mount Arafat for daylong worship.

Aishath Shuba Solih
15 June 2024, MVT 16:06
Maldivian pilgrims at Mina yesterday.
Aishath Shuba Solih
15 June 2024, MVT 16:06

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has stated that all pilgrims who departed to Hajj this year from Maldives remains in good condition and that they are currently converging at Mount Arafat for daylong worship.

Minister Shaheem, who is presently in Meccah embarking the act of Hajj said that no reports has been received of a Maldivian pilgrim falling ill at this time.

He stated that while 1,150 Maldivian pilgrims has undertaken Hajj pilgrimage this year, the Maldives Hajj Corporation Limited, who had organized all components of the trip had offered the best arrangements for the pilgrims. The Minister added the Maldives Hajj Mission is also closely overseeing all aspects of the worship as well.

"And I am also here. All aspects of pilgrims are being monitored very closely. By God's Will, everyone remains in good condition," said the Minister.

Shaheem said that compared to other instances of Hajj travels, this year's arrangements were provided at a very good standard. In recognition of this, senior officials of the Saudi Arabian government had also extended a special gratitude to Minister Shaheem as well.

"God willing, all arrangements of the pilgrims will conclude at a good standard. Pilgrims will remain converged at the land of Arafat until sundown today. After that, they will begin traveling to Muzdalifah," said the Minister.

Muzdalifah is an open and level area near Mecca which is considered a sacred territory for Hajj. During this part of Hajj, pilgrims will spend Maghrib and Isha prayers at Muzdalifah, gather pebbles for Rami al-Jamarat (the rite, stoning of the Devil where pilgrims throw small pebbles at three stone structures in Mina) and will spend the night under the open sky.

Minister Shaheem had further highlighted that all Maldivian pilgrims had arrived at Mina before leaving for Arafat as well. He shared that all Maldivians remained in the same area or under the same tent during this time and affirmed that this was a huge ease for the worshippers.

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