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Water Fountain in Jumhooree Square undergoing repairs for Eid-al-Fitr

Hanaan Hussain
03 April 2024, MVT 15:23
Hanaan Hussain
03 April 2024, MVT 15:23

Ministry of Cities, Local Government and Public Works Adam Shareef has announced that the water fountain in Republic Square is undergoing repairs to be opened in preparation for Eid-al-Fitr celebrations.

The fountain has been under repair for some time. The initial plan was to have the attraction reopen in Ramazan, but authorities previously underestimated the scope of repair work needed at the site.

Minister Shareef stated that the water fountain, which had fallen into disrepair, was being reopened under special request of President Dr Mohamed Muizzu for celebrations marking the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr in Malé City.

The water fountain was built by MTCC in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Maldives. The project was completed under the administration of former president Abdulla Yameen alongside major changes to the iconic Republic Square, with the water fountain designed as a monument to represent the spirit of national unity.

The water fountain is an interactive and popular attraction that lights up in different colors. It was first installed in Republic Square while the incumbent President Dr Muizzu was serving as the Minister of Housing under the Yameen administration. While the previous government had failed to maintain the water fountain adequately resulting in its temporary closure, President Dr Muizzu had, during his term as Mayor of Malé City, made efforts to return greenery to Republic Square by replanting grass around the compound.

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