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President refuted allegations of halting projects by providing statistics

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu refuted allegations suggesting that he halted projects initiated by the previous government. He provided statistics to show that no such action was taken by him or his government.

Uzma Naseem
03 April 2024, MVT 14:42
President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. -- Photo: Mihaaru
Uzma Naseem
03 April 2024, MVT 14:42

Last night, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu denied allegations that he halted projects initiated by the previous government upon assuming office.

Addressing residents in the ‘Hiyaa’ flat area to garner support for government-backed candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections, President Dr Muizzu said there were false narratives suggesting that he had halted projects initiated by the previous government. He clarified the matter with statistics and figures to dispel the misinformation.

He said that during his presidential campaign trips to various islands, he observed that numerous projects undertaken by the previous government were halted. Upon taking office, President Dr Muizzu discovered that the primary cause for it was because funds were not paid.

“At the end of the last government, funds worth MVR 9000 million were supposed to be allocated to various companies”, he said. “Projects in islands have come to a standstill as the money has not been disbursed”.

However, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu stated that the current government has resumed many projects by disbursing the funds that were previously withheld from the companies.

Projects that were stalled previously:

- Water and sewerage: 27 projects halted

- Construction of ports, land reclamation and seawall: work halted in 30 islands

- Airport: work halted in 7 islands

- Road construction: work halted in 17 islands

- Construction of 84 stadiums and courts in islands halted

- Construction of 20 mosques halted

- 90 education-related projects halted

Projects that are currently ongoing:

- 74 water and sewerage projects underway

- 90 projects for construction of ports, land reclamation and seawall

- Resumption of 7 stalled airport construction projects

- Road construction projects underway in 26 islands

- 71 stadiums and courts are under construction, some of which have been completed. Work is currently underway in 48 islands

- A total of 42 mosques, [including the previously stalled 20 mosques] are under construction

- 217 educational projects underway

- 20-megawatt solar power projects in 20 islands underway

- Upgrading of electricity network in 19 islands

- 45 islands have been supplied materials for waste management

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said that a total of 527 projects are currently underway in various parts of the Maldives including 11 housing projects. He also mentioned that the environment sector has undertaken a whole new set of projects.

He said that a USD 75 million free-aid project was signed with Asian Development Bank (ADB) last December. Under this project, various initiatives, including the use of water, wind and solar panels will be implemented.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said that the information had to be shared in such detail because of the spread of false information by certain individuals.

"That we have brought a halt to everything. That we are not working. That it is only by granting them parliamentary majority that work can proceed again. When words like this are uttered, even a person entirely caught up in political thought alone must take a pause and remind himself that he, too, has been granted a brain by Allah”, he said.

“The numbers are not falsified. These are clearly visible”.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu urged the public to be aware of misinformation being circulated by certain individuals. He pointed out that despite the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) holding a majority in parliament, no work has been completed. He emphasized the importance of supporting government candidates to ensure effective results.

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