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Ramadan Special - The Quick Ten with Namiq

The Edition speaks with Namiq while he's on a break from work. He shares his general Ramadan routines with us.

03 April 2024, MVT 14:06
03 April 2024, MVT 14:06

1. Describe yourself?

I am a 25 Year old Maldivian American who works in Sales within the Hospitality Industry in the Maldives

2. How is Iftar practiced in your home?

A- Homemade food *

B- Takeout

3. What about 'Haaru' [Suhoor]?

A- Eat before sleeping

B- Wake up and eat before Fajr *

4. Do you notice any physical changes due to the different Ramadan meals?

A- Weight gain

B - Weight loss

C - No difference *

5. 5pm to Maghrib. What are you usually up to?

A - Chilling *

B - Out for a ride

C - Cooking, of course!

D - Just waiting for Maghrib prayer call

6. How's your social life in Ramadan?

A - More socializing *

B - Less socializing

7. 'Ramadan' is derived from the Arabic word "Ramidha". What do you think it means?

A - Peace and quiet

B - Prayer

C - Intense heat *

D - Water

8. Which 'Fani' [Fresh juice] is the best?

A - Watermelon *

B - Guava

C - Mango

D - Orange

9. How many dates do you eat at Iftar?

A - 0

B - 1 to 3 *

C - 4 to 6

D - 7 ++

10. If you could invite anyone you liked in the world for iftar at your place, who would you choose?

My Maama

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