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Yameen does not have sincere intentions: Abdul Raheem

Mariyath Mohamed
02 April 2024, MVT 08:20
Special Advisor to the President Abdul Raheem Abdulla speaks at an earlier rally.-- Photo: Mihaaru
Mariyath Mohamed
02 April 2024, MVT 08:20

Special Advisor to the President Abdul Raheem Abdulla has posed some questions directed at former President Abdulla Yameen.

Abdul Raheem's questions were posed in response to Yameen's statement that the current leadership of Progressive Party of Maldives pays no heed to the needs of the party. Other leaders of PPM and their coalition member People's National Congress (PNC) have also been responding to Yameen's statement.

If the intention of Yameen was to bring new life to PPM, then why did he not instruct for a new candidate to be presented through PPM while there was still sufficient time to prepare for the presidential election, Abdul Raheem asked through a post on social media X on Monday.

His other question was, if Yameen had been sincere in his instruction to present a presidential candidate from PNC, then what was the point in him asking for the presidential election to be boycotted once the Supreme Court announced its ruling.

Abdul Raheem said that he had had to talk about how Yameen had attempted to discard the party upon being unable to contest himself to clarify to citizens exactly how things had occurred then.

Meanwhile, Yameen has already addressed these questions before Abdul Raheem posted them.

Speaking at a People's National Front rally on Sunday night, Yameen said that the reason why he had proposed the second candidate be selected from PNC and not PPM is because if there were another alternative candidate from PPM, then the Supreme Court would have found it even easier to end his case.

"Then, without debate, I am no longer the presidential candidate. So I sent them a note saying this might happen, that we might not even get a single day. That due to this, we must stay prepared in case such a situation arises. So I asked them to tell PNC to let a leader who wishes to change from PPM join PNC, and then to have an internal election and opt for a PNC candidate," Yameen said.

With the receipt of Yameen's note, PNC Senate organized the primaries as instructed, ultimately won by current President Dr Mohamed Muizzu who had joined PNC then after resigning from his post as Deputy President of PPM.

Yameen said that it was the PPM leadership themselves who had always insisted that they would boycott any election that he could not participate in. He reminded that the leadership had even made these claims openly during protests, demanding that he be allowed to contest, declaring that they would shut down any elections attempted to be held without letting him contest in it. He claims that he had proposed the boycott to gauge opinion.

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