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A special section of Customs created to supervise maritime area

Customs has declared the inauguration of a new section of the agency established for surveilling the country’s EEZ. This section will also collaborate with MNDF to ensure the country’s maritime area is protected in addition to their key responsibilities.

Aishath Shuba Solih
01 April 2024, MVT 12:55
The special uniform designed for Maritime Surveillance and Border Protection unit of Customs.
Aishath Shuba Solih
01 April 2024, MVT 12:55

A dedicated section of Customs has been formed to address the efforts to supervise the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

A press statement released by the authority declared that this newly formed section named Maritime Surveillance and Border Protection will perform services to oversee Customs-controlled areas.

The statement elaborated that this section’s key responsibilities also include running operations to cease smuggling of banned goods via sea routes and solidifying the management of seacrafts under their control.

It further read that this new special section will also work collectively with Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) to monitor seacrafts using technology such as surveillance drones. MNDF Air Corps have also been recently established in the country for the first time, now surveilling the country’s maritime area across 24 hours using the military drones acquired from Turkey.

The agency’s statement had declared that the Maritime Surveillance and Border Protection section will also conduct joint operations with MNDF to implement the agency’s duties within the territorial waters of the country.

While a uniform and logo has been designed exclusively for this newly formed section, the agency had further disclosed that efforts are being extended to procure the necessary resources and vessels required by this surveillance unit. They had also assured that efforts are proceeding towards securing training essential for the employees operating in this section.

The statement had affirmed that the Chinese Embassy and Export Control and Related Border Security of the US has assured to provide training services for the unit even at present.

The Maritime Surveillance and Border Protection section initiated their operations with two vehicles used within the Customs’ maritime operations. While Japan had recently gifted the agency with 2 30 feet patrol vessels that are yet to be brought into the country, Customs stated that these vessels are also decided to be utilized for the duties of this new section.

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