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Abdul Raheem to Solih: We will not engage in State violence, but we will be just

Hanaan Hussain
31 March 2024, MVT 17:39
Special Advisor to the President Abdul Raheem Abdulla speaks at a PNC rally.-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Hanaan Hussain
31 March 2024, MVT 17:39

Abdul Raheem Abdulla, Special Advisor to the President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, has responded last night to remarks made by former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih regarding the plots of land and flats released to citizens by the MDP Government.

In his remarks, former president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had emphasized the importance of giving MDP a majority win in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections if citizens wanted to see the land and flats distributed according to the current list, stating that if his party wins majority in the People's Majlis, the issue of the land and flats would be resolved within a set deadline.

The former president also claimed that if the incumbent President Dr. Muizzu's administration won a majority in the Majlis Elections, the government would take away the plots of land and flats from those who had received them.

Special Advisor to the President Abdul Raheem Abdulla stated that the citizens now knew who it was that had distributed land and flats according to their own preferential list. Abdul Raheem made the comments while speaking at a function inaugurating the campaign space of Mohamed Shahid (Shaadu), who is contesting for the Addu Hulhudhoo seat under the PPM/PNC ticket in the parliamentary elections scheduled to take place on 21 April.

"President Dr Mohamed Muizzu affirms that the government will not take away what has been given to citizens. Whatever was given from whichever place will be delivered to the people," Abdul Raheem Abdulla said. As the former MP for Fonadhoo constituency, Abdul Raheem Abdulla is one of the closest confidants of sitting president Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, and is also contesting for the same seat in parliament in the upcoming elections.

Abdul Raheem stated that this government was seeking a majority in parliament to end political violence in Maldives and investigate those who had stolen, and through these efforts ensure justice is served.

"We are going to find justice for so and so within the law. We are not going to engage in State violence, but we will be just," Abdul Raheem said. He also stated that five years ago, citizens had elected former president Solih with full confidence but he had since betrayed the people.

Abdul Raheem claimed that the biggest traitor in the history of Maldives was Hassan Rasgefaanu, and that former president Solih had betrayed the country even more than he had.

"...[this] Ibrahim Mohamed Solih betrayed the country while being in office," Abdul Raheem claimed.

"We will not leave space within the lands of this country for the ruthless like Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. I am saying this with a lot of courage. We will not allow for it. You cannot live however you like in this country. This nation belongs to the Maldivian people, this is not a country for just Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Not a country just for MDP either, or even PNF," Abdul Raheem declared.

"We have the courage to respond to anyone, because we are advocating for the rights of the Maldivian people."

Abdul Raheem stated that the MDP government had "washed out the state treasury" right in front of everyone's eyes. He added that there were around USD 900 million missing from the national reserve.

"To Ibrahim Mohamed Solih we say, please join us on the same podium, or at a podium near ours, to speak about this. To go head to head [with our words] properly. In order to advocate for the rights of the country, the people and our independence, I am willing to come out and argue with Ibrahim Mohamed Solih alone if I have to," said Abdul Raheem.

Last night, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu was also notably critical of former president Ibrahim Mohamed Sollih. He stated that having the opportunity to serve as president of the republic for five years was not a license to lie and deceive, going on to say that more sincerity and integrity was required.