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Concerns over MP's refusal to adhere to parliamentary regulations

Mohamed Rehan
22 August 2023, MVT 15:01
Mohamed Rehan
22 August 2023, MVT 15:01

During Tuesday’s parliament sitting, another member declined to exit the chamber despite being instructed to do so by the chair.

The member was called out due to their persistent shouting and yelling within the chamber.

Vilufushi MP Hassan Afeef, who has presided over parliament sittings, called the name of Kelaa MP Ibrahim Shareef to leave the chamber for disruptive behaviour.

MP Shareef said that the MP was overseeing the parliament sessions unlawfully, claimed that MP Afeef's management of the sittings contradicted Islamic tenets.

“Not only Islamic principles, but we need to uphold the law as well,” MP Afeef responded to Shareef’s statements.

Despite the parliament chair instructing MP Shareef to exit the chamber according to parliamentary regulations, the MP declined to leave the session. Instead, he escalated his shouting and even interjected in the discussions of other MPs. However, the sitting was not adjourned despite these disruptions.

MP Shareef had behaved similarly during the first sitting of the parliament's third session for 2023, which took place on Monday. He directed loud outbursts toward Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and declined to exit the chambers, even after the Speaker called his name along with other members of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Concerns have risen among members due to the recurring issue of MPs not adhering to the parliament regulations of exiting the chambers when their names are called by the chair. Maduvvari MP Adam Shareef said that the parliamentary deadlock must be resolved, even if it necessitates the involvement of security services.

“If the security protocols are not adhered to, this place would continue to become a playground,” said MP Shareef, who had previously served as minister of defense during Abdulla Yameen’s administration.

Speaker Nasheed, however, on Monday said that he would not summon security officers to escort MPs out despite their continued disregard for the parliament regulations.

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