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List of 282,395 eligible voters for presidential election finalised

21 August 2023, MVT 15:43
Presidential Election
21 August 2023, MVT 15:43

The Election Commission (EC) on Tuesday, released the final list of people who are eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential election on September 9, after the period for complaint submission had passed.

According to the latest list, a total of 282,395 individuals are eligible to vote in the upcoming election. Among them, approximately 27,000 people will be voting for the first time after turning the age of 18.

Election Commission Vice Chief Ismail Habeeb, tweeted that no further changes will be made to this list unless directed by a court order.

"This list has been finalized after being published on our website, shared with all the parties, and even after providing individuals with the opportunity to submit their complaints," tweeted Habeeb.

A total of 574 ballot boxes have been prepared for the election, including 176 boxes in the Malé region, and five ballot boxes arranged in five countries abroad.

If none of the candidates achieve more than 50 percent of the votes in the presidential election on September 9, a second round of voting will take place on September 30. The two candidates with the highest vote percentages from the initial round will be competing in the second round.

This year's presidential election features the largest number of candidates contending for presidency.

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