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Decision on Lamha's remand to be taken in the next hearing: Judge Faiz

Malika Shahid
05 June 2023, MVT 17:45
Ha;eemath Lamha: A decision on her remand will be taken during the next hearing
Malika Shahid
05 June 2023, MVT 17:45

The Criminal Court has said that the remand of Haleemath Lamha, accused of involvement in the murder of Mary Grace, a Filipino nurse working in the Maldives, will be decided in the next hearing.

Marie's husband, Marvin, is charged with her murder on October 2021, while Lamha faces charges of aiding in the crime and possession of unauthorized injections.

During the hearing, Judge Hussain Faiz Rashad postponed the decision on Lamha's remand following a request from her lawyer to lighten her detention.

While three witnesses provided testimony on Sunday, June 5, the first witness, a nurse from Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), said that she had visited the hospital upon hearing about Mary's murder and found the victim's face had turned blue. When the nurse had questioned Marvin, he had claimed that Marie had committed suicide after an argument at home. The witness also met Lamha at the hospital, where Lamha had asked about the possibility of Marvin being punished in the case.

According to the witness, she had a separate meeting with Lamha after hearing from other nurses about her alleged relationship with Marvin. Lamha, however, had denied having any romantic involvement with him. When asked about the events of the day Marie was found dead, Lamha said that she had gone to their house to look after Mary and Marvin's child.

Another witness, a police officer, testified about the search conducted in Lamha's room. The officer mentioned discovering injections, including potassium chloride, which Lamha had said were brought without permission from the hospital. The injections were found sealed, and Lamha's phone and laptop had been seized during the search.

The court recorded the testimony of another police officer who searched the hospital, Marie's residence, and Lamha's room. The officer said that injections were found during the search, although nothing unusual had been observed.

Numerous witness testimonies are yet to be recorded in the case, and another hearing is scheduled for this week.

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