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President Solih will win majority from Addu City: Rozaina

Malika Shahid
04 June 2023, MVT 14:10
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih greets MP Rozaina during his visit to Addu City yesterday: Rozaina said that even those who are not affiliated with any party in Addu City will vote for the President Solih in the upcoming presidential election -- Photo: President's Office
Malika Shahid
04 June 2023, MVT 14:10

According to Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam, the majority of people from Addu City will support President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the upcoming presidential election.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) hub in Feydhoo, she expressed confidence that not only MDP members but also members from other parties and neutral individuals will vote for President Solih in the presidential election scheduled for September 9.

"... As I see it, President Solih will receive votes not only from MDP members but also from individuals belonging to other political parties as well as neutrals who are not affiliated with any party," she said.

She highlighted the warm reception received by the President during his visit to Addu City yesterday. A significant crowd had gathered in Maradhoo to welcome President Solih.

"For a long time, different governments have made promises to the people of Addu City. But today, we have witnessed that the work has actually begun. The President has visited while the projects are underway," Rozaina said, referring to the inauguration of Addu City's largest land reclamation project that took place yesterday.

Rozaina said that the support shown by the people of Addu City is proof of their trust and belief in President Solih.

The residents of Addu City have long desired to benefit from the reclaimed land which will be reflected in the upcoming presidential election, Rozaina stated.

The land reclamation project in Addu City is being financed by India's Exim Bank through a USD 800 million line of credit. The project aims to reclaim a total of 194.3 hectares of land will be reclaimed for the project.