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MDP PG passes no-confidence motion on Speaker Nasheed

Malika Shahid
06 June 2023, MVT 16:00
Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed attends the parliament's opening session this year: The PG Group today passed a resolution to remove him from the post of parliament Speaker -- Photo: Parliament
Malika Shahid
06 June 2023, MVT 16:00

The parliamentary group of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has approved a no-confidence motion to remove parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed from his position.

A member of the party's parliamentary group has confirmed that the necessary administrative procedures have been finalized and the motion will be submitted soon.

"The process of gathering signatures for the motion has already begun, and it will be submitted once the administrative formalities are completed," the member said.

No-confidence motion to remove Speaker Nasheed being signed

"No-confidence motion will be passed"

During a press conference hosted by the MDP parliamentary group, Mohamed Aslam, the leader of the PG, raised concerns regarding the parliamentary proceedings and Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's behavior during sessions.

Aslam expressed doubt about Nasheed's handling of the point of order during the no-confidence motion against Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath.

According to Aslam, the decision to remove Nasheed from his position was made by the parliamentary group to guarantee the efficient functioning of the parliament.

According to parliamentary regulations, the Speaker and Deputy-Speaker can be removed from their post if the majority of the members present in the parliament vote in favor of their dismissal. With a total of 87 MPs, a minimum of 44 votes would be required to remove Nasheed from his position as parliament Speaker, if all parliamentarians participate in the vote.

Press conference held by MDP parliamentary group after the motion was approved to remove Speaker Nasheed from his post -- Photo: Parliament

MDP's parliamentary group passed the no-confidence motion with a vote of 36 members present at the meeting. The party currently has 56 members.

“The number of signatures are expected to increase to 50,” Aslam said.

During the press conference, Aslam censured Nasheed for exercising personal discretion and interpreting laws and regulations to suit his own agenda while presiding over the parliament. Aslam emphasized that Nasheed's conduct violates the regulations of the parliament.

According to Aslam, it is imperative for the parliament to operate within the legal boundaries, and the Speaker bears the responsibility of upholding these rules. However, Aslam pointed out that Nasheed has failed to fulfill this duty.

Aslam further highlighted that when a no-confidence motion was brought against a Minister, it was deliberately delayed for an extensive period, resulting in pandemonium within the parliament, with the Speaker acting according to his own whims.

While Aslam acknowledged Nasheed's previous contributions in promoting democracy and reform, he expressed disillusionment with Nasheed's present actions, asserting that they are undemocratic and involve a disregard for laws and regulations for personal advantage.

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