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Parliament delays sit-down with task force on swine flu

Fathmath Shaahunaz
30 March 2017, MVT 12:25
During a meeting of the parliament's Committee on Oversight of the Government. FILE PHOTO/MIHAARU
Fathmath Shaahunaz
30 March 2017, MVT 12:25

The parliament’s Committee on Oversight of the Government cancelled its sit-down with the national task force on the H1N1 virus epidemic scheduled for Wednesday night upon the task force’s request to postpone the meeting.

The committee’s chair, Vilufushi MP Riyaz Rasheed stated Thursday that the task force had informed them that the originally scheduled meeting time was inopportune and had requested a delay.

He added that the committee is in talks with the task force to set up a new date for the meeting but did not provide details.

The request to look into what is being done by the state to curb the swine flu epidemic currently spreading across the Maldives was submitted to the oversight committee on March 15 by the former police commissioner, Kinbidhoo MP Abdulla Riyaz.

The latest report released by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) on Wednesday shows that over 600 people have tested for the H1N1 virus out of which 222 tested positive so far. To date, six people have died of swine flu.