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MDP hoists party flag in all administrative islands in Maldives

Lamya Abdulla
20 May 2023, MVT 22:16
MDP members participating in a flag hoisting event held by the party --
Lamya Abdulla
20 May 2023, MVT 22:16

The Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) on Friday, hoisted large flags in all administrative islands of the Maldives as part of the preparations for President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's election campaign.

Deputy Chairperson of MDP Ibrahim Waheed said that while presidential campaign is scheduled to begin next month, preparations for the presidential campaign are underway in the islands.

In addition to flag hoisting, he said that data is being collected from various parts of the country to develop the new manifesto for the upcoming presidential campaign.

The party's flag was hoisted yesterday at 4:00 p.m. in all the islands of the country.

According to MDP, approximately 400 delegates from Malé City have departed for the islands to prepare for the campaign launch. Thousands of people, including party members from atolls, will be actively engaged in these activities.

Party spokesman Anas Abdul Sattar tweeted that they were conducting meetings with teams from Malé City and party members from islands to gather information for the party's second term manifesto. They will be engaging in door-to-door visits and seeking public opinions, in addition to consulting with general party members.

Anas said that one of the biggest achievements of the current administration is the inclusive development of rural areas throughout the five-year term, without any discrimination against islands with smaller populations.

As MDP begins its campaign preparations, tensions have arisen between the two factions within the party. Twelve MDP parliamentarians have resigned and are set to establish a new political party called "Fikurrege Dhirun" or "Reviving an Ideology." Meanwhile, MDP's President Mohamed Nasheed has not yet stepped down from the party.