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Surge in Chinese tourist arrivals, Russia maintains top spot

Mohamed Rehan
05 May 2023, MVT 16:38
[File] Tourists in Malé City, the capital of Maldives
Mohamed Rehan
05 May 2023, MVT 16:38

The Chinese tourist market to the Maldives has gained significant momentum, with over 30,000 arrivals, moving up to the sixth position in the list of top 10 markets in 2023 so far.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, the total number of travelers from China to the Maldives was 30,353. On April 19, the Chinese tourist market to the Maldives was ranked eighth.

The total tourist arrivals from January up to the review date reached 682,650, a 19.7 percent increase from the same period last year during which arrivals had reached 570,084.

Russia continues to dominate as the top tourist market with over 80,000 arrivals, while India holds the second position.

Top 10 Markets of 2023

1. Russia: 81,335

2. India: 73,195

3. UK: 64,833

4. Italy: 56,201

5. Germany: 49,867

6. China: 30,353

7. USA: 28,406

8. France: 26,644

9. Switzerland: 17,469

10. South Korea: 11,997

Meanwhile, the Maldives tourism industry currently has a total operational bed capacity of 60,538 which is inclusive of tourist resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and safari vessels.

Earlier, the Maldives government had announced an annual arrival target of 1.8 million, while the Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, forecasted a 10 percent increase once the Chinese tourist market resumes.

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