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Maldives first Bar Exam sees 68 percent passes

Malika Shahid
23 January 2023, MVT 13:38
Maldives first bar examination held last year: 68 percent of the candidates passed the examination -- Photo: Bar Council
Malika Shahid
23 January 2023, MVT 13:38

The Bar Council of Maldives has begun issuing the results of the first Bar licensing exam in the history of the Maldives held in November 2022. The Bar Exam 2022 saw 68 percent of the 176 candidates pass the examination, according to the Bar Council.

The Bar Council said the average score of the examinees were 66 percent.

Eighteen examinees were included in the top achievers list. They include students from the Maldives National University, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Villa College and the University of London.

List of top acievers

- Mohamed Arzan Asif

- Hussain Zameel

- Ishaq Hussain

- Aishath Nadha Mhir

- Aiman Mohamed

- Umar Mamdooh Mohamed Mahir

- Nabeeh Ibrahim

- Saadhin Mohamed Rasheed

- Aminath Nasooha

- Sama Saeed

- Aishath Ashiya Shathir

- Ahmed Thaail

- Shafa Ibrahim

- Aishath Nazaha Nasheed

- Eama Binth Moosa

- Ahmed Jadeer

- Afa Ali Rasheed

- Ahmed Husham

The Legal Profession Act states that a bar examination is required to obtain a lawyer's license. The Bar Council had also reduced the fees of the examination after many complaints were filed at the institute.

The Bar Exam 2022 was the first Bar licensing exam to be administered in the history of the Maldivian legal profession. It was held in partnerships with USAID, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABAROLI), National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and Kaplan. The Bar Council of Maldives stated that these institutes were "integral to ensuring that the Exam met international testing and quality standards."

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