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Free Dive Maldives unveils official 'Neyvaa 2' poster

Mohamed Rehan
02 September 2022, MVT 12:06
The official poster unveiling for the upcoming free-dive event; 'Neyvaa2'-- Photo: Free Dive Maldives
Mohamed Rehan
02 September 2022, MVT 12:06

The official poster for the upcoming major free diving event, 'Neyvaa 2', has been unveiled.

The event's organizer, Free Dive Maldives unveiled the poster at a special ceremony held at Crossroads Maldives. The poster was officially released by the event's chief guest, State Minister of Ministry of Tourism Ibrahim Rasheed Aboobakuru.

Under the slogan 'Breathe for the Oceans', the event aims to raise awareness on climatic impact on the Maldivian environment. Free Dive Maldives further attests the event also aimed to foster civic responsibilities among locals towards preservation of the underwater ecosystem.

The official poster for the 'Neyvaa 2' event-- Photo: Free Dive Maldives

Additionally, Free Dive Maldives hopes to address challenges faced in environmental protection efforts. The effort is hosted as part of the celebratory activities commemorating the Golden Jubilee of Maldives tourism.

The coveted event is promoted as the first-of-its-kind and largest free dive event in the island nation. The previous event, dubbed 'Neyvaa' entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for the "most people performing static apnea simultaneously."

The follow-up event will reportedly break the previous record.

The event is scheduled for October 2, 2022. Free Dive Maldives claims it was currently working on the final preparations before the event.

The organizer is currently selecting applicants for the event, and arranging safety parameters including specific training for "safety buddies"; who will be assisting the divers for any of their needs.

More than 500 applicants have submitted their applications so far. The applicants included locals, private and public sector entities including tourist resorts, SOEs and other government bodies.

Among the SOEs that will reportedly take part in the event include STELCO, MWSC and MACL among others.

The predecessor event took place in 2019, which included a total of 521 free divers.

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