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President assures work on resolving Hiyaa residents concern

Mohamed Rehan
16 June 2022, MVT 14:56
President Solih assures work on resolving concerns of Hiyaa flat residents were ongoing--
Mohamed Rehan
16 June 2022, MVT 14:56

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih assured on Wednesday, June 15, of continuous monitoring and assessment of the concerns filed by Hiyaa flat residents.

The administration was closely assessing countless grievances filed by a number of Hiyaa flat residents with the President's Office.

President Solih made the remark during the official unveiling ceremony of the new double-decker bus additions to the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company's (MTCC) RTL bus fleet.

Among the grievances filed with his office, President Solih confirms the most frequent complaint was about hiked rent prices.

"In order to closely monitor the various complaints submitted to the President's Office, the Vice President himself, and [President's Office] Minister Sameer, listens to the complaints from [the] tenants," he commented.

He further assured that his administration will intimately listen to the concerns and grievances of Hiyaa flat residents to resolve the issues.

Meanwhile, the state was pushing strongly towards establishing essential services in Hulhumale' Phase II to facilitate for the needs of Hiyaa flat and other residents living in the area.

Some of the major initiatives focused in the area include development of new schools, mosques, healthcare facilities and relevant infrastructure including roads.

President Solih confirmed that the administration plans to develop eight schools and two pre-schools in Hulhumale' Phase II, while one school and two pre-schools have already been opened.

In addition to this, development of a mosque with an accommodation capacity of approximately 3,000 worshippers, was in progress while the administration will be developing a hospital and three clinics along with a pharmacy in the area.

Residents living in Hiyaa towers are subjected to a monthly rent of MVR7,500 with an additional maintenance fee of MVR1,000.