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Hiyaa Union advises residents against paying rent

Mohamed Rehan
10 April 2022, MVT 13:46
Hiyaa Flat Sarahahdhuge Aaamu Dhiriulhun
Mohamed Rehan
10 April 2022, MVT 13:46

The Hiyaa Union has urged residents living in the Hiyaa social housing flats to decline paying rent to Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

The union's instruction has come at a time when HDC has announced residents are required to pay the monthly rent effective from April onwards, inclusive of maintenance fee.

Residents of Hiyaa social housing flats are asked to pay a rent of MVR8,500 which includes the maintenance fee as well.

The initial grace period provided by the corporation reached deadline last month.

However, the Hiyaa Union has contested to HDC's announcement stating that the corporation cannot claim rent while further lambasting the corporation on its decision of maintenance fee inclusion in rent.

Furthermore, the union claimed that HDC was breaching the regulations with its decision to include maintenance fee in rent.

"Maintenance fee can extracted only through the cooperative society board created between every two towers, and this should be completed by HDC within a period of 6 months, as per the agreements made by the proprietors of Hiyaa Flats," the union claimed.

In addition to this, the prevailing issues faced by residents of Hiyaa Flats which includes absence of a proper waste disposal area, and with rising consumer demands amid the month of Ramadan, the union had argued that claiming rent is 'too soon.'

The union had also claimed the statements made by HDC Managing Director Mr. Suhail Ahmed were untrue.

Earlier, Mr. Ahmed stated that the corporation did not face any challenges or hindrances in collecting rent from Hiyaa Flat residents. He further noted that the process was proceeding smoothly.

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