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Police arrest thief who ran over woman's leg with motorbike

Aishath Mihna Nasih
20 February 2017, MVT 11:52
Dhimya's leg after injury. PHOTO:Facebook
Aishath Mihna Nasih
20 February 2017, MVT 11:52

Police on Sunday arrested a person who fled after snatching a woman’s mobile phone and running over her leg with a motorcycle in Addu atoll Hithadhoo island.

The injured woman Dhimya posted on her Facebook that the man ran over her leg when she tried to grab him from behind to get her phone back.

Dhimya, who is a cashier at a pharmacy, elaborated that the man, known to be a drug addict, had entered the pharmacy requesting to buy medicine. He had forced his way through the counter and threatened her with a knife, demanding her to give him all the money in the cash register. When she refused and tried to contact a friend for help, he had snatched her phone and tried to flee from the scene.

Dhimya narrated that she had followed him outside and grabbed him by the back of his shirt as he tried to get away on his motorbike. He had then pushed her to the ground and run over her leg as he drove away.

She received help from two customers who came to the pharmacy, who reported the incident to the police. Dhimya's ankle is broken and her leg swollen.

Police stated that the culprit was arrested soon after the incident but did not reveal any information about the person.