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Maldives Seasons. Why and when is the best time to travel?

by Mohamed Rehan

04 November 2021, MVT 15:14
Maldives Seasons. Why and when is the best time to travel?
04 November 2021, MVT 15:14

From where you come, experiencing winter solstice or the autumn falls may be a regular thing however in Maldives, there are only two seasons – or monsoons.

The archipelagic island nation that is Maldives, benefits from being situated near the Equator which offers stable temperatures throughout the year as well as protection from cyclones or hurricanes. The climate of Maldives is tropical equatorial and it is generally humid or warm with its two seasons.

Maldives experiences the South-West Monsoon or locally known as ‘Hulhangu’ that usually run from May to October every year and the North-East Monsoon, which is locally known as “Iruvai” which runs usually from December to March.

The months of November and April usually act as transitional periods of change in between for the monsoons.

The North-East Monsoon is on average hotter and humid while the winds are generally calmer. This is the period where the sun shines the brightest in the island nation while you may experience light drizzling here and there during the monsoon.

On the other hand, the South-West Monsoon is the period of rainfall and strong gusts. Wind and gusts usually reach 50 knots or approximately 90 kilometers per hour during the ‘Hulhangu’ monsoon. Furthermore, this is the period where the seas are expected to be rougher.

While only two seasons are experienced throughout the year in the Maldives, it also begs you to ask when would be the most ideal time for a trip to this idyllic and pristine country.

Best Times to Visit the Maldives

The North-East Monsoon, or the sunny season kicks off from December until March and ideally the best time to visit the country is from November to April – from one transitional period to the other.

This is the period where the Maldives is warm, sunny and drier. Travelers will get to enjoy little precipitation and warmer temperatures during this period – which also makes this period one of the busiest times to visit the country.

Maldives is at a geographical advantage due to the scattered nature of the islands that allow for privacy and less interaction with people while you are enjoying some sun, sand and sea in each of these tourist islands. Furthermore, the sunny season is also one of the best times for diving when the oceans are glittering on the surface and shimmering beneath it. If you wish to enjoy the underwater portal with its beautiful flora and fauna at full vibrancy then this is the best period to take the dip.

Though you may experience some days where it drizzles lightly, the North-East Monsoon is purely sunny throughout. So, if you are not a fan of getting drenched in the tropics then this is the time for you to be in the Maldives.

As for hotel rates, the period from December to March is regarded as the tourism peak season so comparatively the hotel rates will be steeper. But do not let that hold you from experiencing the island nation when the weather is at its best.

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