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MVLacquer celebrates Five Years of Success

by Ruby Amir

03 November 2021, MVT 14:33
MVLacquer celebrates five years of success
MVLacquer celebrates five years of success
MVLacquer celebrates five years of success
03 November 2021, MVT 14:33

Time-honoured intricate craft of Laa jehun, as called in Dhivehi or Lacquer work, has been a symbolic art-form of the Maldives for centuries. It is believed that this was a form of art passed down from Chinese tradesmen who travelled through the Silk Road, the ancient historic trade route connecting the East and West.

The craftwork was practised across the island nation but presently the art is kept ignited in Baa Thulhaadhoo, creating jewellery boxes, vases and other small ornaments that can brighten up homes or be gifted to loved ones.

MVLacquer started out on a mission to revive this art for generations to come. The name emphasises the Maldives, conjoined with the lacquering craftsmen. Islanders of Thulhaadhoo were finding it difficult to sell their handicraft.

With the help of MVLacquer hard working craftsmen were able to showcase their pieces online which generated interest towards lacquer work. It started selling like hot cakes, the business picking up momentum. Through word of mouth and on digital platforms, MVlacquer soon became a trustworthy business with positive reviews from its clientele.

MVlacquer has contributed extensively to the local community, piquing interest in this traditional form of art. The business has encouraged aspiring artists to be more engaged in reviving old forms of artistry in keen learners to recreate traditional craft.

Delivering products on time has been the norm since its humble beginnings, gaining trust. The business welcomes learners to approach them on learning techniques, easily attainable with a visit to the hub of lacquering, Baa Thulhaadhoo.

The premium lacquered pen and the premium lacquered key tag are customer favourites. With it being one of the products that’s frequently marketed, it has high demand from the customers.

Five years on with an established portfolio of lacquer work products, MVLacquer envisions a future with younger generations taking up lacquer, to uphold historic virtues, with a vision on expanding the business to be able to cater for bigger orders.

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