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Minimum wage set for MVR 5,700

Lamya Abdulla
06 October 2021, MVT 14:20
(FILE) People outside Velanage Office Complex, a building with several government offices -- Photo: Ahmed Awshan Ilyas/ Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
06 October 2021, MVT 14:20

Maldives Minimum Wage Board agrees on Rf. 5,700 as the nation's minimum wage.

This decision was made on Monday evening. The lowest salary a permanent employee of the civil service has been set as MVR 7,000 per month. This amount was calculated for counting for six hour work days.

Small businesses will have to pay their permanent employees MVR 5,700 a month, for eight hour work days.

As these wages are determined on the amount of hours they work, overtime will have to be issued on the same rate as well.

As per these regulations, 70 percent of the minimum wage will have to be the basic salary. If the employer provides accommodation and catering is provided by the employer, this amount cannot be cut from the minimum wage.

Fixed allowances can be included in the minimum wage though.

Medium sized businesses will be required to pay Rf. 8,000 per month as their minimum wage for eight hour work days. For the same set of hours big businesses will be required to pay Rf. 10,200.

A minimum wage was not set for micro businesses.

Additionally the board did not set a minimum wage for migrant workers. This will come into affect five years later.

The board's decision will be implemented one the Economic Minister announces they have passed this motion.

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