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Not just a Surf Paradise

Thulusdhoo: Not just a Surf Paradise By Aminath Ishrath

05 October 2021, MVT 12:07
Thulusdhoo: Not just a Surf Paradise
05 October 2021, MVT 12:07

Always hailed as a paradise for surfers from across the world, it is easy to overlook Thulusdhoo as a great island to just relax and recharge even if you are not into surfing. Easily accessible by daily speedboats from Male’ and the airport, this island is one of the best getaways for a weekend or even for a weeklong stay to immerse yourself in island life. Let’s go!

What to do?

A beach day first of course! At the tip of the island’s reclaimed area, a beautiful sandy beach has formed, labelled as the “3 ruh” park among the locals. With some huts and seating to setup a picnic or enjoy a barbecue, this beach makes a great spot to enjoy a full beach day. The lagoon is azure coloured, the sand is fine and with low tide, a tiny sandbank emerges nearby. Just gorgeous!

Head into the island and over to the main jetty side to hang out at the “holhu ashi” area, a popular place for everyone to gather and just mull over the news of the day. Walk around the roads here to discover the fish drying factory, nearby the very long jetty from which many families try fishing for leisure. A short walk from here, you can also discover the only Coca Cola factory in the country, lending its name to one of the most popular surf break nearby, Cokes.

Where to stay?

If you are looking for an affordable and homely stay, Keyla Inn is the perfect getaway. In a nestled setting that is more like a home than a hotel, the rooms at Keyla are setup perfectly for a chill time. You can find guests making their own morning coffees on the deck, indulging in some yoga in the living room or cooking dinner in the kitchenette. Keyla is your holiday home.

When in need of the creature comforts of a hotel, Season Paradise is a great choice. Located on the bustling beachfront area, the hotel boasts an amazing rooftop pool, well equipped rooms, buffet meals, activities and live music on some nights. It is like a small village within the island and caters to your every need.

For those seeking the comforts of a hotel but in a boutique setting, Reef Edge is where to stay. With spacious rooms, airy bathrooms, amazing food, chill garden areas and each room facing the ocean, you will want to chill on a deck chair and catch the breeze all day long. Bikes are free for all guests and the hotel is located away from the somewhat crowded beachfront.

Where to eat?

New cafés and restaurants are popping up in Thulusdhoo and there are many places to try during your stay. Pop into Indulge, a beautiful outdoor café serving specialty coffee, nutritious acai bowls, thirst quenching juices and filling sandwiches. Every corner of the cafe is Instagram worthy and the food is equally beautiful and tasty.

The Sand Bar is another great addition to our mix, serving a range of dishes from couscous with chicken to hummus and pitas. In a beautiful setup surrounded by plants, cushy seating and great people, this spot should be on your list of places to eat at.

Byyoni is the place to try if you want a sense of the true local life. It is a simple restaurant serving meals and snack throughout the day, and a hit favourite among the islanders. Whether you want to try a classic fish curry, nasi goreng or simple sandwiches, Byyoni does not disappoint.

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