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Man arrested for violating quarantine and damaging Police Station

Lamya Abdulla
07 July 2021, MVT 15:32
Inguraidhoo -- Photo: Inguraidhoo Council
Lamya Abdulla
07 July 2021, MVT 15:32

A man from Raa Atoll Inguraidhoo violated quarantine and damaged the police station on the island on Tuesday.

The COVID-19 precautionary guidelines set by Health Protection Agency (HPA) states people are required to quarantine for two weeks if they travel from Male' area to any other inhabited islands. A 30 year old Maldivian man has been arrested in Inguraidhoo for violating quarantine, the Police said.

An Inguraidhoo Council member told Mihaaru that he is a person that recently travelled to the island from Male' and is in quarantine with his parents. However it is unclear why he cause property damage to the police station.

The man has a criminal record.

He broke several glass doors in the police station.

He has been fined 10,000 Rufiyaa for violating quarantine. As per the HPA guideline, people that travel from Male' are required to quarantine for two weeks, and then test for COVID-19 before they are allowed to go into public places.

Police is investigating this matter further.

There have been 74,585 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Maldives. While there are over 3,000 active cases at the moment, so far 213 people had passed away from COVID.