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Seven islands received 13 proposals for resort development

Lamya Abdulla
27 June 2021, MVT 13:21
Gaafu Dhaalu Kan'dahalagalaa: the island received two proposals -- Photo:
Lamya Abdulla
27 June 2021, MVT 13:21

Nine parties have offered 13 bids for seven islands that were opened for resort development.

A total of 16 islands from seven atolls were opened for bidding in April 2021 by the Tourism Ministry. Only seven islands received proposals at the end of the bidding period though.

Out of the seven islands that received bids, two received three proposals each; they are Meemu Seedheehuraa and Gaafu Dhaalu Kan'dahalagalaa. Seedheehuraa was opened for bidding inclusive of the Seedheehuraa sand bank near it. Two parties bid on Haa Alifu Veli Finolhu.

The other islands that received bids are Thaa Kaaddoo, Thaa Olhu Fushi (including the Olhu Fushi sandbank), Laamu Bodu Mungyafushi, and Gaafu Alifu Viligilla.

According to the Tourism Ministry there is a 140 percent difference between the highest and the lowest prices proposed for lease acquisition.

Director of Planning in Tourism Ministry Ali Shinan said they have not yet made a decision in regards to the remaining islands that were opened for bidding. He said whether the islands would be re-opened for bidding after additional assessments are made would be decided at a policy level.

Tourism Ministry is currently evaluating the proposals they received. The ministry estimates this would be completed within a three week period.