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Foreign teacher suspended and kicked out of the island for supporting Israel

Lamya Abdulla
23 May 2021, MVT 12:00
An aerial view of Lhaimagu, Shaviyani. PHOTO: SOCIAL MEDIA
Lamya Abdulla
23 May 2021, MVT 12:00

An Indian teacher working in Shaviyani Lhaimagu School has been suspended after he expressed support to Israel on social media.

Even though he expressed support to Israel several days back, it came to the school's attention on Friday. Since then, he has been suspended until the Education Ministry, currently investigating this case comes to a verdict on it.

He had been moved to Fonadhoo at 0230hrs on Saturday, with the help of the police after the locals of Lhaimagu protested against it.

Adam Azmeer, President of the Lhaimagu Council said the locals were against letting the man stay on the island, especially as he was teaching young children. They protested outside the teacher's house, calling for him to leave the island.

"Everyone was mad, so we [the council] wanted move the teacher out of the island with police protection. Before he was harmed," Azmeer had said.

A similar incident had occurred in Haa Dhaalu. Hanimaadhoo on Friday as well. However, after the teacher from the Hanimaadhoo School teacher expressed support to Israel, he was promptly fired from his position. Hanimaadhoo Council has said they were working to send the teacher back to his home country. He also happened to be Indian.

Maldives have always stood with the Palestinian people. With the recent increase on violence against Palestinians, there has been public campaigns to cancel import of Israeli products and tourists as well.