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Former Supreme Court Justice passes away during COVID19 treatment

07 January 2021, MVT 14:29
Dinner event held on September 19, 2017 at the Supreme Court by then-Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed, which was attended by leaders across the judiciary and legal field including Judges based in Male’. Pictured above is event attendee, the late former Supreme Court Justice, Mujuthaz Fahmy, who passed away during COVID19 treatment in January 2021. PHOTO: NISHAN ALI / MIHAARU
07 January 2021, MVT 14:29

Mujuthaz Fahmy, former Supreme Court Justice, succumbed to his illness on Wednesday, whilst receiving treatment for a COVID19 infection.

The news of his passing was confirmed by his younger brother Imthiyaz Fahmy, who is currently as parliament representative for Maafannu-North constituency.

Mujuthaz Fahmy was first admitted in Laamu Gan Regional Hospital on Monday after experiencing COVID19 symptoms. Prior to his admission, Mujuthaz was undergoing home quarantine at Kudafushi, one of Laamu Atoll’ islands leased for agricultural purposes.

According to local media outlet ‘Mihaaru News’, a hospital representative confirmed that after an initial improvement, Mujuthaz’s condition later took a sudden and rapid downturn, marked by severe breathing impairments.

He was then placed on ventilator support, and transferred early Wednesday to Dharumavantha Hospital in capital city Male’.

Hospital officials have said that the patient was moved due to his age and deteriorating state.

Given his stability at the time, he was taken off assisted breathing whilst being treated at the hospital’s dedicated COVID19 facility.

The former Supreme Court Justice was seated at the bench of Maldives’ apex court from his appointment on August 18, 2008 until August 10, 2010.

After contributing to Maldives’ legal field for over 29 years, Mujuthaz had officially retired at the time of his passing.

At a ceremony held in 2011, during which the title 'Justice Retired' was conferred upon Mujuthaz, he expressed his satisfaction and gratitude at having had the opportunity to retire peacefully after having served his country since 1981 across various aspects of its legal and judiciary sectors.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) confirmed Mujuthaz Fahmy's death, marking Maldives' 49th COVID-19 fatality.

He is the 42nd local to have succumbed to the virus in the country. The remaining fatalities consist of seven expatriates, including six Bangladeshi nationals and one Filipino citizen.

With this development, Maldives records a total of 13,967 virus cases of which 687 are active cases, in addition to 13,225 recoveries and 49 deaths.