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CSC appoints Thasleema as Quality Assurance Commissioner

Ahmed Aiham
25 November 2020, MVT 21:01
Ministry of Health's Director-General Thasleema Usman was appointed as the Quality Assurance Commissioner by the Civil Service Commission, on November 24. PHOTO: PARLIAMENT
Ahmed Aiham
25 November 2020, MVT 21:01

Civil Service Commission, on Tuesday, appointed Ministry of Health's Deputy Director General Thasleema Usman, as the Quality Assurance Commissioner.

CSC made the four-year appointment under the Health Services Bill, ratified during former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's tenure.

Although the legislature mandated the appointment of a Quality Assurance Commissioner when it came into effect on August 26, 2016, four years have passed without implementation.

In order to increase the quality of healthcare providers and the overall health of its recipients, the Commissioner is tasked with assessing health facilities for potential violations of various guidelines in effect and investigate claims of negligence.

The Commissioner will receive remunerations over MVR 24,000 each month.