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World's biggest online talent competition launched in Maldives

Shahudha Mohamed
16 November 2020, MVT 15:13
'Little Buddy Talentz', the world's biggest online talent competition, comes to Maldives. IMAGE/LITTLE BUDDY TALENTZ
Shahudha Mohamed
16 November 2020, MVT 15:13

Ooredoo Maldives, MV+ and Kuaza Institute teamed up to launch 'Little Buddy Talentz', the world's biggest online talent competition, to Maldives.

Speaking at the inauguration, the State Minister for Education Fathimath Naseer stressed that children should have an equal opportunity globally to hone and excel their talent.

A total of 93 countries are participating in the online competition to show off their skills on a global level, across four categories, including drawing, dancing, singing and instrumental music.

Each contestant will upload two minutes of videos or images, showcasing their talent within their chosen categories, and their talents will be evaluated by a panel of judges including singer and songwriter Mariyam Unoosha, dancer and performer RoboMan, and artist and painter Soumya Sudheesh.

Participants that make it to the top 16 from each country will receive the opportunity to compete on a global platform, with the chance of being ranked among the world's best four.

Managing Director Suresh Nambair said that Little Buddy Talentz is a global platform uniting the children together and helping them to sharpen their talent and to expand their horizons.

The entirely student-led competition gives young people the opportunity to take ownership of their chosen activity and undertake them in areas they enjoy or see as important, giving them a broader perspective and helping them to develop an independent approach, as per the founder of Little Buddy Talentz, Ramya Gangadharan.

Little Buddy Talentz noted that the competition will be expanded to countries across Europe, Africa and more as it progresses.