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HC orders to remand freed Addu drug bust suspect until trial end

Fathmath Shaahunaz
27 October 2020, MVT 16:44
During the special drug operation conducted by Addu Atoll by Maldives Police service. PHOTO: POLICE
Fathmath Shaahunaz
27 October 2020, MVT 16:44

The High Court on Tuesday ordered to remand a suspect, who was arrested and subsequently released, in connection with the major drug bust in Addu Atoll earlier this month.

Police arrested total 16 individuals along with the seizure of 98.6 kilograms of drugs, including MDMA, amphetamines and heroin, in the operation which commenced on October 1.

Hithadhoo Magistrate Court remanded five suspects until the end of their trials and released eight others.

After the state appealed the release of the suspect in question, the High Court overturned the magistrate court's order, stating that there was enough evidence to levy accusations against the individual.

Although the magistrate court had released the suspect citing insufficient evidence, the High Court noted that prior to his release, the lower court had remanded the individual on two counts, on grounds of having enough proof to do so.

The appellate court highlighted that the current stage of procedures only required the police to submit evidence enough for implication and not conviction.

Stating that the police had submitted adequate evidence, the High Court declared that releasing the individual posed danger to society, and thus ordered to remand him until trial end.

The verdict was issued unanimously by the judges Ali Sameer, Mohamed Niyaz and Hathif Hilmy presiding over the case.

The ruling marked a rare instance for the High Court to issue remand extensions on a case currently underway at a lower court.