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Private jet movements increased: Velana International Airport

Ahmed Aiham
27 October 2020, MVT 08:43
A large number of private aircraft seen parked on the Velana International Airport. PHOTO: VELANA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
Ahmed Aiham
27 October 2020, MVT 08:43

Velena International Airport (VIA), on Monday, revealed an increase of private jet movements prior to the upcoming winter season.

Maldives reopened its borders to international passengers on July 15, after nearly four months since the state halted issuing on-arrival visas on March 27. Guesthouses were permitted to resume operations and kick start local tourism on October 15.

Despite the lifting of restrictions, Maldives has noted a significant reduction in tourist arrivals compared to pre-COVID figures. While a total of 382,760 tourists were recorded before Maldives closed borders in July, the daily average stood at 4,206 arrivals from January to March.

However, Minister of Tourism Dr Abdulla Mausoom noted that both local and international veterans anticipate a sluggish pick up for the travel and hospitality field amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but expressed personal hopes that Maldives could attract at least a million visitors in 2021.

Moreover, Minister Mausoom also said that an additional six airlines were set to commence operations to Maldives by the end of November 2020.

Adding to the statements, recent statistics indicate a gradual increase in visitors on a monthly basis. The latest figures by Maldives Immigration show that a total of 27,217 tourists arrived in Maldives between July 15 and October 15.