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PNC suspends council member over drug bust implication

Ahmed Aiham
15 October 2020, MVT 12:39
PNC suspended their council member Shaheeb Ibrahim over his implication in a 130kg drug bust.
Ahmed Aiham
15 October 2020, MVT 12:39

Opposition aligned People's National Congress (PNC), on Wednesday, announced its decision to suspend its Council Member Shaheeb Ibrahim who is currently implicated in a drug smuggling attempt.

According to PNC, Shaheeb will remain suspended until the case is concluded.

Maldives Police Service disclosed that 130kg of narcotics were seized aboard a fishing vessel, intercepted at sea during an operation initiated on the basis of internally collected intelligence. Following interception, the boat was taken to the lagoon of reclaimed suburb Hulhumale' and searched.

Police disclosed Shaheeb as one of two individuals confirmed to have orchestrated the smuggle attempt. He is heavily involved in political activities of the opposition alliance and had contested for a seat during the previous parliamentary election.

Authorities further noted that Shaheeb was connected to a drug operation in November 2019, which saw the capture of an Iranian vessel carrying 70kg of illegal substances. He was later released by the police.

Shaheeb and four other apprehended individuals were remanded for 15-days by the Criminal Court, while fellow mastermind Ahmed Moosa received a 5-day remand period. It was disclosed that the remaining individual was a minor, who was remanded by the Juvenile Court for 10 days.

Excluding the minor, the ages of the arrested individuals range between 25 and 48.