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Nasheed condemns converting Addu convention centre to hospital

Aishath Mihna Nasih
02 January 2017, MVT 15:44
ECC: the place is to be transformed into a tertiary Hospital
Aishath Mihna Nasih
02 January 2017, MVT 15:44

Former President Mohamed Nasheed on Sunday condemned the government's decision to convert Addu City’s Equatorial Convention Center into a tertiary hospital.

In a tweet, Nasheed stated that the Equatorial Center was established with a different motive to bring economic development to Addu City. Hence transforming the place into a hospital is none other than a heavy damage.

Alia Construction was awarded the transformation project of ECC to a 100 bed tertiary hospital for MVR 161.8 million on last November 14.

The ECC had been used for some ceremonies and functions after holding the SAARC Summit of 2011 for which it was originally developed. However, due to lack of maintenance, the building has been damaged.

Citizens and Addu City Council have both expressed concern over the recent decision.

However, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr Mohamed Muizzu proclaimed that this decision enables the maximum use of the convention centre and land of Addu City. If an entirely new building is to be developed, it would cost huge sums of money, he had said.

He added that the ECC was a wastage of Nasheed’s administration and includes several actions which had led to corruption, according to the Audit Report. Hence, using the place as a new hospital would be more beneficial to the people of Addu atoll.