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ACC reviews NDMA's controversial audit report

Ahmed Aiham
01 October 2020, MVT 11:49
Members of the Anti Corruption Commission (C) during a probe by the Parliament. PHOTO: PARLIAMENT
Ahmed Aiham
01 October 2020, MVT 11:49

Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) on Wednesday, announced that the controversial compliance audit of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) was under review.

According to ACC's spokesperson Hassan Manik, the commission will decide on investigating further after the review process is completed.

One of the issues highlighted by the audit report, which examined NDMA's spending of state funds for the COVID-19 response, was the establishment of a medical facility in a land plot in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale' that is not under government ownership.

Additional violations highlighted in the compliance audit published by the Auditor General's Office (AG) also included a lack of documentation and paperwork in making payments, which posed challenges in ensuring that millions of funds, which are unaccounted for, were spent on goods and services acquired by NDMA.

Referring to the aforementioned issue, NDMA's Chief Executive Hisan Hassan stated that the full details and documentation required for all the areas were submitted to the Auditor General's Office while the audit process was ongoing.

He accused the AG Office of failing to conduct a thorough audit and claimed that no fraud was committed.