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Morocco increases the number of scholarships to Maldives

Shahudha Mohamed
08 August 2020, MVT 20:15
Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid signing the Visa Waiver agreement between Maldives and Morocco during the first-ever official visit to Morocco by a Maldivian Foreign Minister. PHOTO: FOREIGN MINISTRY
Shahudha Mohamed
08 August 2020, MVT 20:15

The Moroccan government, on Saturday, extended a grant providing additional scholarships to Maldivian students wishing to pursue their higher education in Moroccan universities under the annual scholarship scheme.

Under the annual scholarship scheme, for the academic year 2020 to 2021, Morocco will provide 20 annual scholarships for Maldivian students in different areas including scientific, technical and economic fields in addition to academic programmes in Islamic studies, Arabic language and literature.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the scholarship scheme will be publicised nationwide by the Ministry of Higher Education, inviting nominations from qualifying applicants.

Maldives received the grant as a follow-up to the official visit by Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid to Morocco in November 2019, marking the first-ever bilateral visit of a Maldivian Foreign Minister to Morocco.

During the visit, both governments engaged in discussions on various issues of mutual concern and concluded four bilateral agreements to further consolidate their diplomatic relations.

Morocco remains a close partner of the Maldives both bilaterally and internationally in various multilateral fora, since the