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Musicians’ Union of Maldives opens for registration

Ahmed Aiham
01 August 2020, MVT 14:35
A screengrab of a meeting held with local musicians, past and present,to discuss concerns pertaining to the Maldivian music industry. PHOTO: MUSICIANS' ASSOCIATION OF MALDIVES
Ahmed Aiham
01 August 2020, MVT 14:35

The newly established 'Musicians’ Union of Maldives' (MU), on Saturday, launched its website, opening for public registration of individuals into the organization.

Having finalized the NGO's regulatory framework, the union launched it's website '', where interested individuals can register with the union, as well as forward names for its Executive Committee.

Membership into the union will be split into two categories, including 'regular' and 'associate' members. 'regular' members are individuals that generate income via music, while 'associate' membership is for non-professional enthusiasts that wish to partake in NGO proceedings.

Both membership types may contest for the union's Executive Committee. However, only 'regular' members retain the ability to vote during the general election.

Founded by musicians Ahmed Shiham, Nishfa Nashid and Mahran Majid, alongside a team of musicians, the group began to establish the organization amid the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown.

In an exclusive interview with The Edition, founding member Nishfa said they are "looking forward to having fellow musicians and music lovers join us on this new journey", while further conveying the groups excitement to have finalized the registration of the union.

"We have so much to do, but together, I believe we can bring about a positive difference within the industry", she noted.

Prior to union's official registration on July 20, the team met with local musicians, past and present, as well as officials from relevant institutions to discuss concerns pertaining to the Maldivian music industry, and to further develop the NGO.

Seeking to empower locals employed in all aspects of the music industry, the union will represent formally employed and self-employed individuals that register under the NGO.

"We aim to advocate for the increase in overall employment and income of local musicians, as well as offer advice, support and legal assistance catered to each individual member through our endeavours", concluded the organization in its circular.