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Police thwart expat-led protest in Vaavu Atoll

Shahudha Mohamed
21 July 2020, MVT 11:40
Supervisors conducting negotiations with expatriate workers that led a demonstration in Vaavu Atoll. PHOTO: POLICE
Shahudha Mohamed
21 July 2020, MVT 11:40

Maldives Police Service revealed on early Tuesday that authorities intervened to resolve a conflict that ensued following a protest, led by migrant workers on an island in Vaavu Atoll.

According to police, the expatriate workers obstructed work on the island, which was being developed into a resort, in addition to acts of vandalism.

The authority revealed no further details about the protest, including the name of the island where the demonstration took place and the reason behind it.

"No individuals sustained injuries in the conflict on the island. However, their supervisor's room was damaged amidst the unrest", police stated.

Furthermore, police noted that the sponsor was conducting negotiations with the migrant workers to solve the issues that led to the demonstration.

The protest is one of many expat-led demonstrations that has taken place amid renewed concerns from rights groups as well as the general public, over the continued exploitation of expatriate workers in Maldives.

Violations reported include that of human trafficking, withholding of wages, poor living conditions, and other human rights violations.

On July 2, Maldives Police Service arrested 19 out of 203 expatriate workers which partook in protests over their employer's failure to pay six months of salary, which culminated in the holding of 13 Maldivian staff hostage at Bodufinolhu, Baa Atoll - an island being developed as a resort property by Seal Maldives.

Expatriates employed by Island Expert Pvt Ltd also staged multiple protests in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale' over unpaid wages and inhumane treatment.

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