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Court remands 23-year-old arrested for raping, impregnating minor

Nafaahath Ibrahim
05 July 2020, MVT 17:23
Ahmed Aththaf, 23, from HA.Filladhoo was arrested and detained for raping and impregnating a minor. PHOTO: POLICE
Nafaahath Ibrahim
05 July 2020, MVT 17:23

Meemu Atoll's Muli Magistrate Court remanded a 23-year-old arrested on Friday for raping and impregnating a minor over the age of 10.

The accused, Ahmed Aththaf from Filladhoo, Haa Alif Atoll, is accused of "marrying" the minor outside of court, sexually abusing and impregnating her.

His detention was extended under the possibility that he may intimidate the witnesses and damage evidence, and also for the protection of the community.

Police stated that they are working to forward the case to the Prosecutor General's Office at the earliest.

The case is one among a number of child sexual abuse cases that recently surfaced in the country, including another case of rape and impregnation.

Public ire continues to soar over the government's meagre record of arresting and convicting perpetrators of sexual offences despite several promises to support the rights of children and women.

Recently, a collective of gender equality advocates originating from Family Legal Clinic (FLC), Nufoshey and Uthema Maldives also launched the #FundOurSafety initiative, voicing demands to declare rape and sexual offences as serious criminal offences and reallocate state funds for the protection of victims.

Meanwhile, the police have warned over increasing incidents of child abuse and exploitation, urging parents and guardians to be aware and report any such cases to the police's Family and Child Protection Wing at +960 3000600 or the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services at 1412.