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Govt introduces 40% subsidy on electricity charges for June

Mariyam Malsa
05 July 2020, MVT 15:29
STELCO Managing Director Hassan Mughny speaks to the press. PHOTO: STELCO
Mariyam Malsa
05 July 2020, MVT 15:29

The government decided to introduce a 40 percent subsidy on electricity services provided by the State Electric Company (STELCO) and Fenaka Corporation during the month of June.

STELCO Managing Director Hassan Mughny revealed that the decision was finalised after STELCO conveyed customers' concerns over high bill charges to relevant government authorities.

He assured that STELCO considered all complaints lodged by customers with the utmost seriousness and noted that revised electricity bills would be sent to households shortly.

The administration also provided a 40 percent subsidy for electricity charges in April and May as a measure to mitigate the financial impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on citizens.

In addition to the subsidy, Mughny revealed that leniency would be granted to customers facing financial difficulties.

According to the managing director, STELCO would make arrangements for customers to pay outstanding electricity bills in instalments, after considering individual circumstances.

STELCO will accept applications for the instalment payments starting from June 5, for a two-week period.

STELCO General Manager Ali Mujtaba attributed high electricity bills in June to changes in consumption patterns following lockdown measures implemented to curb the COVID-19 outbreak, difficulties in accurately calculating bills and the absence of subsidies provided in May and June.

According to the General Manager, electricity bills were calculated according to average charges incurred over the past three months since social distancing measures prevented STELCO employees from visiting households to check electricity meter readings.

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