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India assures medical treatment for second batch of Maldivian patients

Shahudha Mohamed
01 July 2020, MVT 20:56
The first batch of Maldivian patients arriving in Cochin International Airport, for advanced medical treatment in India on June 30. PHOTO/INDIAN HIGH COMMISSION
Shahudha Mohamed
01 July 2020, MVT 20:56

The Indian government, on Wednesday, assured that a second batch of Maldivians will be given the opportunity to travel to India for urgent medical treatment.

During a meeting held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ambassador from India to Maldives Sunjay Sudhir assured Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid that the government of India will make the necessary arrangements for additional patients.

The first batch of patients requiring advanced medical treatment, consisting of 28 individuals, landed in India on June 30.

The initiative marks the first instance India has granted foreign nationals entry into the country, as borders remain closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. The High Commission noted that a special waiver was granted for the travel of these patients, in view of the close people-to-people relations between India and Maldives.

In compliance with India's health protection guidelines, Maldivians entering India are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival.

Following discussions between the Indian government and the Foreign Ministry, a specific area of the hospital was allocated for the quarantine of Maldivians.

The state assures that further efforts are underway, in collaboration with Aasandha Company Ltd, to facilitate the travel of patients under the special permit granted by the Indian government.

As per Aasandha, there are approximately 200 Maldivians in need of medical treatment outside Maldives, include patients seeking treatment for cancer, heart diseases and various other conditions.

Moreover, the company stated that roughly 50 individuals were shortlisted for the second flight organized by the two governments.