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Parliament dismisses all CSC members except Amira

Mariyam Malsa
29 June 2020, MVT 17:30
CSC member Fathimath Amira providing information at a parliamentary committee. PHOTO: PARLIAMENT
Mariyam Malsa
29 June 2020, MVT 17:30

The Parliament's Committee on Independent Institutions, on Monday, voted to dismiss all members of the Civil Service Commission (CSC), with the notable exception of Fathmath Amira.

Despite the committee, voting to dismiss CSC president Dr Ali Shameem, vice president Shaheed Mohamed as well as members Zakariyya Hussain and Ibrahim Shaheeq, a final decision will be made after a parliamentary vote.

The only objections concerning the dismissals were voiced by the parliamentarian for Velidhoo, Noonu Atoll, Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeq and Vilimale' MP Ahmed Usham.

MP Shafeeq asserted that the five CSC members should be dismissed simultaneously, on the grounds that all of them contributed to the issues for which the commission is facing action. He added that Amira had not lodged any reports regarding CSC to relevant authorities.

The Committee on Independent Institutions previously expressed concern over delays in CSC proceedings, including the process of hiring additional staff and the drafting of the commission's framework guidelines.

Both the aforementioned parliamentarians chose to abstain from the committee voting.

The sole CSC member not facing job termination, Amira, is a long-time contributor in the education sector and was appointed to CSC following the change of government in November 2018.

Amira is also married to the uncle of Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam. At present, MP Rozaina serves as the Chair of the Committee on Independent Institutions.

However, MP Rozaina chose not to participate in the vote and Monday's meeting was overseen by Deputy Chair, Galolhu-South MP Mikail Naseem.

The parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions initially moved to dismiss the four CSC members on March 1. The subsequent motion forwarded to the parliament floor was rejected since the committee's decision was reached without the participation of enough members to achieve a quorum.